How to Burn Mac dmg Image File on Windows PC

So you have .dmg file you want to burn but you only have Windows machine at home? No Mac? No problem. There an easy solution. But let’s hear my short story about why did I need to burn in on Windows.

I have just sold my beloved iMac G4 17″ to buy a second hand powerbook g4 1 Ghz. What i didn’t realize is that, the powerbook i just bought has no Superdrive. But i thought it would be ok, since i also have a Windows machine PC with DVD writer at home.

Time to burn dmg file

I copied dmg file to my Windows, then i realized that Windows doesn’t recognize dmg file. And no Windows burning software isn’t going to help me burn the dmg file. In other words, in the Windows world, dmg file doesn’t exist. So what you really is a Windows software that recognize dmg file.

So, i googled around and i am glad i did. And the solution is Transmac. Very old school looking software but it works.

You also might find MacDrive easier too. Macdrive will let you mount your mac hard disk format on Windows like its own format and of course, write it. But I haven’t tried it myself though. But I heard it’s great for mounting Mac disk drive on Windows.

How to burn dmg with Transmac

With Transmac for Windows, dmg file can be read & burn like Disk Utility that comes with OS X. Transmac lets you mount dmg file, expand then burn image dmg file to DVD, CD and DL DVD (before you can burn you need to expand compressed dmg file first).

Now i can even back up my snow leopard on Bootable DVD. You can download a 15 days trial version of Transmac here. After you try it, i am sure you will want to buy it. Transmac was surely a great spend for me in a long time.

Also, some people say PowerISO will let you write dmg image files too, but I just don’t like its usability and the interface.

Transmac features:

  • Read and write or burn Mac format disks, CDs, DVDs, high density floppies and disk images (dmg and sparseimage).
  • Supports standard HFS (Mac OS Standard), HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) and HFSX (with case sensitive file names) volumes.
  • Access Mac volumes on boot drive (like Boot Camp).
  • Create, read and write Mac disk images (dmg and sparseimage).
  • Compress and expand (convert to iso) dmg files.
  • Built in burner software to create Mac format CDs and DVDs (including dual-layer).
  • Burn ISO and dmg files to CD/DVD.
  • Format disks for use on Mac.
  • Read Mac multisession and hybrid CDs.


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    Hi, cool post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for explaining on burning dmg image file on Windows. Before found this post i google about a thousand time and nobody could give a straight answer like you do. I will probably be subscribing to your posts. Keep up the good posts

  2. simmon

    Great info. Just what i needed. i was looking for a way to burn dmg file on Windows which i took me about a thousand pages until i finally got to your page. thanks

  3. visme

    It works, damn! may be i have to buy transmac. I can’t find any other solution accept yours, also. thanks

  4. j. Donner

    The problem with this solution is that Transmac doesn’t verify the burn, which is really important with any OS disc and ESPECIALLY with dual layer DVDs.

    So it’s not the 100% solution that I’m looking for.

  5. Dan

    TransMac did not work for me…. :/

    I have a backup compressed .dmg file of Snow Leopard 10,6
    Want to make a bootable DVD disc on my old Intel based Mac with the Os 10.1
    Since I have no DL burner in it I must use my PC

    I thought of giving TransMac a try and first I got a message to uncompress the dmg file first.
    From 5,52GB to 6,7GB.

    Then I could burn the dmg file. I used lowest speed with a Verbatim D/L disc
    The burning was fine without any error and through TransMac I could see there were files on the disc.
    But my mac tries to read the disc for then to finally spit it out.

    So has anyne else really got this to work?

    • Joe

      Looks like a DVD drive in-compatibility with your DVD brand, i think you need to try other DVD brands. That’s my best guess.

  6. Yo

    Trying to make ISO image from Snow Leopard dvd using a PC running Vista. DVD drive sees retail os x DVD as “E: windows support” and will only show 900+ MB of used disk space, but won’t show me any other files other than bootcamp, and some windows files to share dvd/cd drive for macbook air remote installation. Any ideas?

    • Joe

      Windows is bind for most Mac partition, especially the DVD Installer partition. You need Macdrive or Transmac software to see all partitions of Mac OS X leopard DVD.

  7. macinuse

    @Matt yes that would work, i’ve heard but may be not for bootable DVD. Anybody tried it for bootable DVD?

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